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Delphi Fundementals - набор модулей облегчающих работу с основными типами данных.
Этот пакет содержит набор модулей облегчающих работу с основными типами данных (Strings, Numbers, Date/Times и Streams).
i) cStrings
A collection of string functions, including:

* CopyRange, CopyFrom, CopyLeft, CopyRight * Paste * TrimLeft, TrimRight, Trim, TrimQuotes, TrimEllipse * Dup * Reverse, IsPalindrome * Match * PosNext, PosPrev * Boyer-Moore-Horspool PosNext * Replace, QuoteText, Remove, RemoveDup * Count, CountWords * PosN * Before, After, Between * Split, Join * PadLeft, PadRight, Pad * IsNumber, IsHexNumber, IsInteger, IsReal, IsScientificReal, IsQuotedString * Number * Pack * Translate

ii) cDateTime
Date manupilation functions,including:

* Year, Month, Day, Hour, Minute, Second, Millisecond * IsEqual, IsAM, IsPM, IsMidnight, IsNoon, IsWeekend * Noon, Midnight, FirstDayOfMonth, LastDayOfMonth, NextWorkDay, PreviousWorkday, FirstDayOfYear, LastDayOfYear * EasterSunday, GoodFriday * AddMilliseconds, AddSeconds, AddMinutes, AddHours, AddDays, AddWeeks, AddMonths, AddYears * DayOfYear, DaysInMonth, DaysInYear, WeekNumber * DiffMilliseconds, DiffSeconds, DiffMinutes, DiffHours, DiffDays, DiffWeeks, DiffMonths, DiffYears * DateTimeToANSI, ANSIToDateTime, DateTimeToISOInteger, DateTimeToISO, ISOIntegerToDateTime, TimeToRFCTime, DateTimeToRFC850, DateTimeToRFC1123.

iii) cMaths
Mathematical functions, including: *

Mathematical constants * RealArray / IntegerArray manipulation * Trigonometric functions * Primes * Rational numbers * Complex numbers * Vectors * Matrices * 3D transformations (rotations, scaling, projection) * Combinatoric functions * Statistical functions (incl probability density functions) * Computer maths * Hashing functions (XOR, CRC, MD5) * Actuarial functions (TVM, Mortality) * Numerical solvers (Secant, Newton, Derivates, Simpson Integration) * Sets

iv) cStream
Stream abstraction and implementation for
files and memory. The following is implemented for streams:

* Binary packing/unpacking of simple data types * Text parsing

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2002-07-29 23:23:31
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